Site Map & Camping Rules

Camping on The Battenkill Site Map

Rules and Regulations of Camping on the Battenkill

Your Hosts Alan & Shelley-Ann WELCOME YOU!
We treasure our campground and love our campers. Together we can make this an ­awesome place for families and friends to spend time, have fun, and reconnect with ­nature. Please familiarize yourself with the policies of this campground so that we can all enjoy the beauty. THANK YOU!

  • ALL campers must register and pay before setting up camp.
  • OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM daily.
  • CHECK IN TIME: 2:00 PM
  • CHECK OUT TIME: 12:00 PM
  • QUIET TIME: 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. No loud noises, including radios.
  • SPEED LIMIT: 5MPH everywhere on campground. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY.
  • RV SITE PRICES: Includes 2 Adults & 2 Children, 1 Camper & 1 Shade Cover (6 people per site Max). Tents on an RV Site carry an extra charge.
  • TENT SITE PRICES: Includes 2 Adults, 2 Children & 2 Tents ONLY. Extra Adults $10 per person per night, Children $5.00 per child per night. Extra Tents $10.00 per night plus extra person fees apply.
  • VISITORS/GUESTS OF REGISTERED CAMPERS: Visitors must follow ALL PARK RULES & REGULATIONS at all times and it is the registered camper’s duty to ensure that they comply. All visitors must check in at the office to pay a visitors fee.
  • DAY VISITORS: $5.00 per person per day.
  • OVERNIGHT VISITORS: Adults $10.00 / Children $5.00 per person per night. All visitors must display a car pass while on park property.
  • VISITORS’ PETS: Per our property insurance, visitors are NOT permitted to bring their pets.
  • CAMPSITES: The head of each campsite must be 21 years of age and accepts responsibility for the actions of the entire group.
  • CHILDREN: An adult must supervise ­children at all times. Parents are responsible for any disturbance or destruction by children in their care. Camping on The Battenkill takes no ­responsibility for any loss, damage or injuries.
  • PETS: Pets are welcome, but they must be on a leash at all times except in the dog run area which is ­located near the office. Pet owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of all their pet’s droppings. Pets are never to be left unattended. Not ­permitted in the play area on the open field or at the beach area. (If you want to take your pet for a swim, please take them downstream of the beach area.) We ­reserve the right to limit the number of pets per site. If any pet is creating a disturbance, they shall be asked to leave immediately.
  • COMPLAINTS/COMPLIMENTS: If you have any complaints please let us know at the office! If you have any compliments please let everyone else know.
  • BICYCLES: Bicycles are allowed only on established roads and trails.
  • ELECTRIC HEATERS: Not allowed.
  • FIREARMS: Not allowed.
  • FIREWORKS: Not allowed.
  • GENERATORS: Not allowed.
  • FIRES & FIRE RINGS: Fires are permitted in fire rings only. Do not move fire rings. Do not leave fires unattended.
  • FIREWOOD: Firewood is for sale at our ­office/shop. Vermont law prohibits out of state firewood due to the spread of forest pests.
  • INTERNET: When looking for WiFi (Internet)
    • Select CAMPWIFI
    • Follow the SKYWEB prompts.
    HELPDESK: 844-641-9011
    • Can have 4 devices at the same time.
  • TREES: Our trees and plants are very precious. Please DO NOT cut or peel the bark from trees or drive nails into them.
  • FISHING: The Battenkill River has special regulations. A fishing license is required and is Catch-and-Release only.
  • TRASH: Recycling and trash bins at main entrance.
  • VEHICLES: You are limited to two vehicles per site. Vehicles may park on the site only and not in the roadway or on someone else’s site. Extra parking is available at the overflow parking area. The field is a children’s playground. No vehicles at all.
  • WASHING DISHES: Washing dishes is not ­permitted in the bathrooms. An outdoor sink with hot and cold water is near the Wood Bathroom.
  • WATER: NO discharging of water, including gray water, from camping vehicle is permitted at the campsite, ONLY at the dumping station. Ask at office for our friendly Honey Wagon service.
  • SAFETY & DISCLAIMER: Please secure your own valuables. Camping on the Battenkill LLC and the owners or staff accept zero liability for loss or damage to property or injury to campers and their visitors while they are on the premises.

The camper and all members of his/her group agree that in consideration of the rental (whether a campsite, general facility or equipment), Camping On The Battenkill shall not be responsible for loss or damage to property, or injury to person, occuring in or around grounds owned by Camping On The Battenkill, by reason of any existing or future condition, defect, matter, or thing on said lands or for acts, omissions or negligence of other persons or camper in or around the premises. The campers agree to indemnify and hold Camping On The Battenkill harmless from all claims and liability for loss of or damages to property, or injury to persons occuring in or around the campground.