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Camping On The Battenkill is a serene campground with spacious private sites surrounded by nature. Situated on 40+ acres, it offers RV and raw camping sites along the Battenkill River, in the forest, or open field. Enjoy swimming, tubing, fishing, and guided tours. There’s a sandy beach and a covered bridge tour nearby. Create lifelong memories at this beautiful campground. Book your stay now.

RV Sites

Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington, Vermont provides a range of RV sites for a comfortable camping experience. They offer spacious and well-equipped sites with water/electric hookups, accommodating up to 6 people. Pets are welcome, and there are strict leash policies in place. Reservations can be made by contacting the campground directly or clicking the Book Now button to the left. Enjoy the scenic surroundings and amenities while camping on the Battenkill.

Camping Sites

Tent sites at Camping on the Battenkill provide a serene camping experience. With spacious sites and a maximum capacity of 6 people, these sites are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Please note that tents are not allowed to be pitched alongside campers. Contact the campground in Arlington, VT for reservations and further details about the tent sites. 

Camper Rentals

Camper rentals at Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington, VT offer a convenient camping experience. The rentals can accommodate up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children, with a minimum 3-night stay. Enjoy the comfort of a camper while exploring the beautiful surroundings. Contact the campground for reservations and availability on Camper Rentals. Online Booking may not be accessible for this type of site.


Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington, Vermont, is a serene destination for nature enthusiasts. This campground, nestled on over 40 acres, offers a variety of camping experiences. Visitors can choose from RV sites equipped with water and electric hookups, or more secluded tent sites, all accommodating up to six people. Pets are welcome, with leash policies in place for safety.

For those who prefer a more comfortable camping experience, camper rentals are available, suitable for families or small groups. This modern American campground is not only about accommodation; it’s a gateway to exploring Arlington’s natural beauty. From the Battenkill River, known for trout fishing, to the scenic Mount Equinox and charming covered bridges, the area is rich with outdoor activities.

Camping on the Battenkill boasts amenities like high-speed WiFi, renovated comfort stations with free hot showers, a variety of campsites including those with full hookups, and recreational facilities like a large dog run and playground. The natural swimming pool offers refreshing swims, while the open field is perfect for various activities.

Established in 1961, the campground has a rich history and tradition, forming long-lasting memories for generations of campers. Whether it’s for a short stay or a seasonal visit, Camping on the Battenkill provides a blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and a range of facilities to ensure a memorable camping experience.

Escape to Camping on the Battenkill

Our campground boasts spacious campsites surrounded by trees and equipped with water, electric, and sewer hookups. Whether you prefer camping in a tent, camper trailer, or motorhome, we have the ideal site for you. Enjoy a relaxing getaway, reconnect with your family, and explore the beautiful surroundings with our array of amenities. Additionally, we offer comfortable rental units such as cabins and trailers to enhance your outdoor experience. Plan your unforgettable stay at Camping on the Battenkill today!

Rich History and Tradition

Established in 1961, Camping On The Battenkill has become an institution in the local area. With many camping stories that go back 40 to 50 years, this campground has a long-standing reputation for creating happy customers. Some visitors have been returning to this campground since they were children, highlighting the cherished memories and experiences associated with this place.

Variety of Campsites

The campground offers a diverse range of campsites to cater to different preferences. There are 48 sites nestled in hardwoods, 37 sites in partially wooded areas, and 18 sites along the open field/playground area. Additionally, the tent sites are secluded and spacious, providing a serene and private camping experience. Each site is equipped with a picnic table and fire ring for convenience and enjoyment.

Natural Surroundings and Nature Activities

Camping On The Battenkill is situated on approximately 30 acres of forest and 5 acres of open field. The campground is blessed with the presence of two rivers, including the famous Battenkill River known for trout fishing. Visitors can swim in the natural swimming pool with clear and refreshing water, explore the river by bringing their own tubes, canoes, or kayaks, or even schedule rentals from local providers. The campground also features a large dog run, playground, and open field for various recreational activities.

Camping on the Battenkill: Your Idyllic Escape in Arlington, Vermont

Discover the enchantment of Vermont’s natural wonders every day at Camping on the Battenkill. Our campground caters to a diverse array of camping preferences, offering the tranquility of secluded tent sites nestled among trees and the convenience of fully-equipped RV sites, perfect for a home-like experience in the great outdoors. Enjoy the blend of nature and comfort with accessible water, sewer, and electricity hook-ups.

Nestled in Arlington, Camping on the Battenkill is a paradise for nature lovers. Explore the scenic trails inviting avid hikers, or relax in the open spaces ideal for family activities and peaceful reflection. Each evening, our community fire pits become vibrant social hubs where laughter and stories mingle with the ambiance of toasted marshmallows. Every campsite features a picnic table, setting the scene for meals under the beauty of Vermont’s skies, painted with the colors of sunrise or sunset.

We embrace your furry companions with our pet-friendly policy, ensuring a complete family camping experience. For those wanting to stay connected, our campground offers Wi-Fi throughout, allowing you to share your adventures or stay in touch with the digital world.

Camping on the Battenkill is more than a place to camp; it’s a community where lasting memories are forged. From the joyous sounds of children playing to serene fishing moments in the nearby Battenkill River, and exploring local gems like Mount Equinox or historic covered bridges, our campground is your gateway to a quintessential Vermont outdoor adventure.

Book your spot in the heart of Arlington, VT, at Camping on the Battenkill today. Click the button below and begin your unforgettable journey into nature.

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What our Guests Say

Our campgrounds provides amenities such as hi-speed WiFi access, free hot showers in completely renovated comfort stations, generously spaced graveled sites, water and electric sites, full hook-up sites, a camper rental option, laundry facilities, an office/store, firewood and ice for sale, and a dump station for residents. There is also a mobile honey wagon service offered for added convenience. Overall, Camping On The Battenkill offers a blend of natural beauty, rich history, and a wide range of facilities and activities to ensure a memorable and enjoyable camping experience for its guests.

Hiking Adventures in Vermont's Green Mountains

Hiking in the Green Mountains of Vermont is an adventure that appeals to nature enthusiasts of all levels. This majestic mountain range offers a diverse array of trails that traverse through lush forests, over rolling hills, and alongside sparkling streams, presenting hikers with a cornucopia of natural beauty. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker seeking challenging terrain or a beginner looking to enjoy a leisurely walk in the woods, the Green Mountains have something for everyone.

The trails in the Green Mountains are known for their stunning vistas, including panoramic views of the Vermont landscape, especially during the fall foliage season when the mountains are ablaze with color. You’ll encounter a variety of wildlife and have the opportunity to observe different bird species, making it a perfect spot for birdwatchers and nature photographers.

Hiking in these mountains is not just about the physical journey; it’s also a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature. The peaceful surroundings and the gentle sounds of nature provide a serene backdrop, ideal for meditation and reflection.

Before heading out, make sure to check trail conditions, weather forecasts, and local regulations. Always be prepared with appropriate gear, water, and snacks. Whether you’re embarking on a short day hike or planning a longer trek through the mountain paths, hiking in Vermont’s Green Mountains offers an enriching experience that combines physical activity, mental rejuvenation, and an intimate encounter with nature’s wonders. So lace up your hiking boots, pack your essentials, and set off to explore the captivating trails of the Green Mountains.

Don’t Forget About Our Camper Rental

Discover the joys of camping with our comfortable Camper Rental at Camping on the Battenkill. Nestled in Arlington, Vermont, our camper features a queen-size bed, a convertible sofa, and additional bunk beds, perfect for families or groups. Step outside to a private area with a firepit, ideal for evening relaxation.

The camper is surrounded by the beauty of the Battenkill area, with access to walking trails and the renowned trout fishing of the Battenkill River. Experience a unique blend of comfort and nature, perfect for those seeking a peaceful outdoor retreat. Enjoy your time by the river, relax by the firepit, or explore the scenic trails – our camper rental offers a memorable getaway.